Dana 30 High Steer Double Shear Bracket Set


Please Allow 3 Business Day Lead Time On All Orders

Reverse Bent is for use on opposite sides such as right hand drive applications. Allow 10 business days lead time for reverse bent option.


This pair of brackets is designed to bolt on to your existing knuckles and add exponential strength. In addition to being a double shear for your heim steering, it moves the tie rod to the top of the steering arm on the knuckle. Using these brackets is the next best thing to buying knuckles for true highsteer. These brackets raise the tie rod 2-3/4″ higher while adding double the strength to the rod end connection. They are designed to spread the different loads incurred in wheeling to more areas, while improving the strength of the steering knuckles. These brackets come with all necessary hardware to install. These can be installed professionally or by a competent do it yourselfer. These brackets will work with most other manufacturers steering kits. Other kits may not clear stock passenger sway bar bracket, but we have a sway bar relocation bracket available if you want to keep your sway bar.

Please specify with or without ABS.

MUST DRILL STOCK TIE ROD TAPER TO 5/8″ TO USE HEIMS. Cannot be used with tie rod ends. Heim steering kits available for sale here. Reamers and drill bits available for purchase.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding our products tech@sidewinderfab.com

Brackets Fit 84-07 Jeep Dana 30 and Dana 44, XJ, MJ, YJ, TJ, LJ


Patent Pending

Additional information

Add Heim Kit

No, 2 +$80, 4 +$160

Left Side

Yes+$60, No

Right Side

Yes+$90, No

Reverse Bent

Yes+$30, No

Add Misalignment Spacers

Yes +$20, No


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